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The Nap Room

We helped our long-time client, Hill House Home, revolutionize the concept of the waiting room with an immersive experience called The Nap Room.

With a devoted following and a runaway hit like the Nap Dress, we worked with Hill House Home to develop the Nap Room – an immersive experience for customers to engage with the brand, learn more about the products and connect with one another. The result is a one-of-a-kind waiting room that allows the brand’s most loyal customers to get unrivalled access to the coveted products.

Redefining the Waiting Room

Hill House’s product launches can sell out in mere minutes, with their most loyal customers clamoring to get the limited run of products. In the moments leading up to a launch, thousands of eyes are on the site, which left HHH with little opportunity to work out any behind-the-scenes prep required to launch and merchandize a new product.

Working with Hill House’s digital team, we wanted to turn this pain point into a memorable experience and began ideating how we create an immersive waiting room that highlights the spirit of the new collection while creating a unique touchpoint for customer engagement.

As a result, The Nap Room was born.

Nap Dress Nation

When Hill House launches a new product, the internet goes wild. Customers spend weeks leading up to the launch planning their purchases and connecting with others about their plans. We wanted a way to further connect this audience beyond Instagram comments and translate a one-way dialogue with the brand into a connection opportunity. As a result, we developed a custom chat where the Hill House team can connect with customers, answering their questions about sizing, prints, patterns, and more. In parallel, thousands of customers have the chance to connect with one another and share their purchase plans and what they’re buying.

A Night on the Town

Beyond the dialog, we wanted a way to further connect customers IRL – building in the capability for customers to order bagels from Baz Bagels in NYC while they waited for their Nap Dress to launch or to make a reservation at founder, Nell Diamond’s favorite restaurant – American Bar – coordinating the reservation time with when their Nap Dress would arrive.

The Nap Room has been a smashing success – shared widely among customers and across social media. This experience is a master class in how brands can directly engage with their customers in an increasingly crowded landscape.

Trivial Pursuits

To further drive engagement, we enabled Hill House to showcase trivia or fun facts about the upcoming launch through toast notifications. Here, they can showcase the artists they collaborated with for the design of the collection, their inspiration or the team’s styling tips. Furthermore, customers can respond to trivia questions about the brand or engage with polls – much like they would across other social media platforms – creating a proprietary channel for the brand to connect with their customers.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Founder Nell Diamond has forged a unique connection with her customers who look to her for styling tips, sneak peeks at upcoming products and her unique approach to personal style. The most innovative part of the Nap Room was when we decided to put Nell front and centre to engage with the audience, answer their questions and showcase the upcoming collection – driving conversion, excitement and hype in the moments leading up to launch.

Live from New York

We paired with Nell’s unique approach to product showcase with the technology to live sell a limited quantity of products so their most devoted following can get early access to the season’s most coveted products. While most brands choose to do this through third party apps, we worked closely with the Hill House team to develop this branded experience that’s fully custom.