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Year & Day

Prior to working with Pact, Year & Day was using a custom ecommerce platform that made updating their site more akin to preparing for battle. Now, on the newly minted Shopify 2.0 platform, Year & Day is able to scale nimbly for this expansive chapter in their growing business.

Anyone who has ever been tasked with shopping for well-appointed home goods or creating a registry can attest to how overwhelming the experience can be. Enter Year & Day: tasteful, modern and minimalist essentials designed for the days and years to come. 

Handcrafted in Portugal, dishwasher-safe, and finished in a curated set of timeless colors, these high-quality wares can be dressed up for a dinner party or dressed down for a bowl of cereal after a long night out. Beloved by trendsetters like Mandy Moore and Eva Chen, Year & Day has helped to simplify and streamline what it means to create a table you'll love.

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A Modern, Minimal Experience

The ritual of dining and hosting has long been associated with fine china and stuffy tablesettings. Year & Day sought to shake things up by creating dishes that could work for special occasions and daily life. Their minimal dishware is well-appointed sleek, and it was important that their site reflect that while also leaving room for playful touches and flourishes. The result is a digital experience that leaves room for the products to shine, while showing that these high-quality products are meant to be used day in and day out. So, go on – live a little.

Mix, Match and Be Merry

What sets Year & Day apart is their vision to help customers set a table that evokes their own sense of style. Enter the "Build My Complete Set" feature. Through a targeted series of questions – Single? Married? With Kids? How often do you like to host vs. order takeout? – you'll get a recommendation that's right-sized for your lifestyle.

Tactical Templates that Scale

After a few years in business, it was meaningful for us to help Year & Day create Landing Page templates that could help tell a broader story about forthcoming product launches, seasonal events, partnerships and more.

The result is a modular template that can be assembled for a few different purposes, depending on the brand's needs and goals at any given time. The ability to mix and match is core to Year & Day's philosophy, and it made sense for their website to engender a similar level of autonomy.

A Place to Covet...and Convert

The Product Pages allow Year & Day to tell immersive stories – complete with big, beautiful imagery that gives customers a sense of the texture and colorways, as well as user-generated content that shows the products in different context and situations.

Beyond the visuals, a sense of care and craft has been applied to showcase how many items are in a set, the price per piece, a clear sense of the colorways available, payment and shipping options.

Rather than bog the page down with a wall of reviews and a third-party platform, we opted to take a more editorialized route that enabled Year & Day to handpick testimonials to showcase the product's story.

The result is a Product Page that showcases the product's attributes and story in a way that's clear, concise and conversion-oriented.