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Studs – Physical Retail

In addition to our work on Studs' omnichannel commerce experience, we worked closely with the team to optimize the journey of booking a piercing and transform it from bland to branded.

At Studs, customers can get pierced in a safe, supportive environment with an array of quirky earrings to create unique, personal looks. 

In addition to an exceptional commerce experience, Studs wanted to optimize their booking platform to allow customers to book appointments on a hyper-local level, plan appointments further in advance and provide more optionality with regards to appointment availability.

Since coming on board two years ago as their tech team, we've helped Studs build an omnichannel retail experience that powers a holistic customer journey built on personalization and performance.

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It was important for Studs have a cohesive customer journey. Pact has helped our digital booking experience align with our highly designed piercing studios. Yulin Yong, VP of Digital Product

Thinking Out of the Box

Studs originally used Acuity's out-of-the-box embeddable widget for their piercing studios across the United States to book and manage appointments.

The challenge was that the widget didn't really feel like STUDS: it couldn't link to a customer's profile and didn't provide enough options for appointment booking. In our quest to make STUDS the destination for piercing, education and jewelry, we built a custom booking platform that would maximize flexibility and keep customers engaged.

It's a Date

Before we got to work, when customers wanted to book piercing appointments, they had to choose a Studs studio and select a date; if that date didn’t have availability, the customer was out of luck.

Thanks to our new platform, customers can now explore different locations that have earlier availability. By making appointments more accessible  and allowing customers to check nearby locations, Studs increased its conversion rate and increased bookings.

A Seamless Booking Experience

We also unified customers’ profiles so that their booking details are tied to their Studs account.

This enables Studs to recommend jewelry tailored to the customer's piercing selection, personal style and location.

Our new platform also provides targeted marketing opportunities, empowering Studs to make informed decisions about how and when to re-engage their customers.