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Studs – Ecommerce

Studs is an experiential retail and e-commerce brand that has reimagined the ear piercing experience. Studs believes pierced ears are the key to unlocking self-expression. To reinvention. To discover a Hole New You.

Studs has coined the term Earscape®, through providing their customers a new way to self-express with healthy and safe ear piercings and on-trend earrings in a retail environment and online at

Studs customers are highly engaged brand loyalists that love to create and share their one-of-a-kind earscape styles. makes shopping a 250+ assortment filled with glittering huggies, hoops, cuffs, and studs easy and fun. The site supports bundles and add-ons, to ensure the customer is able to create a unique and personalized look.

Since coming on board two years ago as their tech team, Pact has helped Studs build an omnichannel retail experience that powers a holistic customer journey built on personalization and performance.

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We consider the Pact team as an extension of our digital team. Pact works side by side with our internal teams and has been a key partner, especially as we kick-off and test new initiatives. YuJin Yong, VP of Digital Product

Redefining the Piercing Experience

When we started working with Studs, the company had one piercing studio in New York City and were beginning to explore how a simple, well-performing ecommerce experience could enhance their business. 

Over the past two years, it’s opened multiple locations across New York, as well as studios in Los Angeles, Boston, Austin and Miami.

With omnichannel retail nothing is easy, so this meant working closely with Studs' internal team to manage the inventory of multiple stores in different locations along with the ecommerce site. 

Studs’ successful expansion is proof that creating a memorable shopping experience is built on technology that's smart, fast, and built to scale. 

For more information on our work powering STUDS' piercing studios and appointment booking, look here.

Ear piercing was something customers could do during the pandemic that was fun and exciting when all of their options were limited. You couldn't go to a bar with friends, you couldn't go on vacations. But you could safely get your ears pierced and do something brave, edgy and cool during this real hard time. Lisa Bubbers, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer

The Dawn of Personalization

With Studs' rapid expansion in the US on the horizon, we focused our efforts on a site that could be tailored to a customer's location. 

If you're in Austin, you'll see content related to that city, such as a cute cowboy stud and a call-to-action to book your piercing appointment on Congress Avenue. 

Studs' ecommerce team can localize any module on the site based on where the customer is, allowing the company to sell hyper-local merchandise based on the market's unique wants and tastes. The site can be mixed and matched so it's precisely tailored to the customer's experience in that city. 

This tactical targeting allows Studs to effectively manage unique storefronts, experiment to see what works and drive business decisions swiftly without time-intensive feature lifts.

A Better Way to Gift

We're highly experienced on Shopify and will happily sing the platform's praises to you, but gift cards are not one of its strong suits. Currently, when you purchase a gift card on a website hosted on Shopify, there's no way to send it to the intended recipient. Instead, the gift-gifter has to forward an email to the giftee – not a very festive experience.

We worked with STUDS to power a better gifting experience by creating gift card functionality that allows customers to personalize their gifts and deliver it to the recipient in a streamlined, branded way.

Product Discovery in a Snap

We built a custom search experience for Studs that gives its team ultimate control over product search, discovery and education. For example, when  a customer searches for "hoop," with our search experience, STUDS can tie synonyms and keywords to commonly searched phrases, so that the "huggie" earring style is also recommended when a customer searches for a more common term like "hoop."

The Studs' team can also pull more relevant items into search and bury less relevant items from the search results, as well as leverage gift cards, promotions and more, allowing for infinite customization depending on search terms, queries, commonly asked questions and best sellers.