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We’re not your typical agency. Instead, we work as an embedded team with dedicated leadership that takes a people-powered approach to designing, building and launching direct-to-consumer brands. Our experience allows us to know and avoid the challenges that come with scaling a brand, so you can lean on us to avoid costly mistakes.

Unlike most agencies who design and build a few key pages, our teams are purpose-built to help you get to launch and beyond.

Our Services

Strategy, Naming, Brand Building, Design, Storytelling, Ecommerce, Maintenance and more.

Allegra Poschmann


Founding Partner + Creative Director

Before founding Pact, Allegra spent the last decade working with startups, launching dozens of direct-to-consumer brands along the way. She works closely with founders to transform abstract ideas into remarkable experiences. Past clients include Glossier, Reformation, The Honest Company, Twitter, Nike and many more.

Alex Leclair


Founding Partner + Technical Director

Alex started working on the world wide web at the tender age of 15 by hacking a website before deciding to use his powers for good. Alex blends a deep understanding of business operations with technical expertise to provide extraordinary, custom and crafty solutions to our clients. Prior to founding Pact, he was an early employee at Frank & Oak and interim CTO Knix.

Kendra Davey


Managing Director

Kendra touches nearly all aspects of our operation – from production to finance to people management. Most importantly, she helps clients take big leaps of faith, by listening and guiding them with clarity and tenacity. Part of what makes her remarkable is that her startup roots run deep: before joining Pact, she managed a startup incubator at the Creative Destruction Lab.

Moisés de Oliviera Pio

de Oliviera Pio

Director of Development

Moisés is a technical powerhouse with communication chops to boot. His ability to create intuitive interfaces for our clients, while pushing the bounds of front-end development and helping deliver exceptional client service are all parts of what make his work here at Pact stand out. His decade of experience includes work with Aritzia, Samsung and Google, and we couldn't be more thrilled that he now brings this expertise to the partners we work with.

François Coté


Director of Development

François brings thirteen years of experience building websites and web applications and his wisdom doesn't stop there. As one of our most seasoned experts, he brings thoughtfulness and stability to the cultivation of features and digital infrastructure. His knack for taking a long-term view leads to requirements-gathering and builds that will stand the test of time. As a Director of Development, he is passionate about cultivating a strong developer culture – ensuring that we can all live up to our full potential. Past experiences include work both in-house at InVision and agency-side at Sid Lee.

Benoit Lavoie-Lamer


Lead Front-End Developer

Benoit’s particular blend of alchemy is taking front-end experiences from ordinary to extraordinary with his attention to detail to microinteractions, transitions and animations. He is always interested in diving deeper into new technologies, while lending a hand to the team by way of ensuring excellence in our team’s code quality and output. Benoit has experience working agency-side, as well as in-house at startups like ElementAI and GSoft.

Carmen Holmes


Senior Front-End Developer

Carmen’s near-unparalleled attention-to-detail makes her a remarkable asset for our clients. A strong communicator who is naturally inclined to take the lead, Carmen creates beautiful, functional experiences. Before joining Pact, she worked at Glossier.

Ariel Jedrzejczak


Senior Designer

Hailing from Poland, Ariel blends exceptional design experience with rigorous UX practices to deliver world-class ecommerce experiences that are designed to convert. With his extraordinary experience, Ariel sees problems and solves them before the rest of us even know they are there – bringing to life seamless, thoughtful solutions that drive results.

Lena Slanisky



Lena’s experience as a Senior Editor and copywriter have made her an invaluable part of Pact. In her previous roles, she was a key player in executing marketing initiatives that resulted in over $1.5M in revenue. Adept at working in fast-paced environments, Lena helps keep our partners well-informed of project status, ensures delivery of features, and keeps things running smoothly at Pact.

Greg Solomon


Front-End Developer

Highly motivated and hyper engaged, Greg brings passion and intellect to our team. He has a strong background working with people of all different technical abilities – meaning he is adept at breaking down highly complex challenges into simpler terms. Adaptive and flexible, Greg is able to roll with the punches while remaining calm under pressure – key factors for success when working alongside startups.

Hanna Gudan



Hanna Gudan brings an eye for detail and a passion for branding, shape and colour to our crew. Hailing from Poland, Hanna is an efficient team player whose optimism, humour and hardworking attitude make her an invaluable member of Pact.

Pact By The Numbers

When we think about shaping the future, we also look inward. Diversity and equity are a work in progress and we’re committed to doing the work that must be done.

  • Female founded
  • Gender balance in all teams
  • Equal pay for equal work
Team Members
54% Female
46% Male
66% Female
34% Male

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