The Impact of Good Onboarding, From the POV of a New Hire

Joining a new company can bring about a lot of feelings. Hopefully excitement tops the list, but still, it’s not uncommon to also experience nerves, loneliness, imposter syndrome – and a company has a lot of power in mitigating those feelings for new employees.

I know this first-hand because I started a new position as a Producer here at Pact in 2022. Hi! I’m Lena – and I’m excited to tell you about my onboarding experience.

Before I’d even worked my first day, I already felt like I was part of the team at Pact. Beyond the regular tech set-up, I was asked to consider what I needed to make sure my office at home was comfortable. When I was ready to settle for an ergonomic mouse, I was pushed to consider an ergonomic chair as well – why cut corners? And I loved my new Pact-branded sweater (I put it on as soon as it arrived) but the feeling of knowing that there was real concern around my comfort and health was an even cozier feeling. There was real care here.

Then my first day happened. I was met with an Asana board so carefully constructed, I couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. (Being a project manager, organization is my love language. Don’t judge.)

This is the Asana board that greeted me on my first day – a beautiful overview of the people, clients, and tasks to look forward to and grow familiar with in my starting weeks at Pact.

In one column of a Kanban, I was greeted with welcome notes from each of my new teammates, including photos so I could match faces to names, even before I’d met anyone on a call. Some people even included pictures of their pets! It’s the little things.

The next column had a quick summary of each client currently on the roster, including the project size and timeline. All at once I felt up to speed, like I could jump on a call and listen with investment, because I knew the players involved.

The following columns in the Kanban were titled First Day, First Week, First Month, First 3 Months. Not only was I given a nice, easy, actionable list of things to do on my first day (when you’re so often left sitting around waiting for IT to set you up), I was also given the opportunity to peer into my future with Pact.

At a glance, I could see the hole I was meant to fill and the areas where I would be given a chance to shine. This kind of goal-setting and professional development is a huge part of Pact’s company ethos and it serves to create self-fulfilling prophecies. Knowing my three-month goals from day one put me in a position to accomplish them within two months – and now I’m getting excited thinking about what my 6 or 8 month goals will be.

An exchange I had on LinkedIn shortly after my first day – explaining why this was one of the best, most uplifting onboarding experiences I’ve ever had.

If I had to summarize the feeling during onboarding, and the feeling that lingers now that I consider myself firmly a member of the Pact team it’s this: care.

When we decided to further postpone our company retreat until everyone on the team felt safe enough to fly and father in a group, it wasn’t just an email or Slack message announcing the decision. It was accompanied by the announcement that we’d all be getting a couple extra days off this summer, and a relaxation stipend, to make up for the non-work fun we were meant to share together at the retreat.

As a remote company, it’s clear that the executive team at Pact is always considering how to relay their care across the airwaves. Sure, we might not be able to all go grab a drink together after a long day, but I know these people are here for me.

They care. And that has made all the difference.

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