Pact is a design led, development driven studio that creates digital experiences. We like to help interesting brands tell their stories.

We are focused on forging long-term partnerships with our collaborators – allowing our work to be guided by the natural evolution, insights and learnings that come with running a startup.

Our offices

810 Humboldt Street – A02

Victoria, British Columbia

V8V 5B1

5795 avenue de Gaspé – 213A

Montréal, Québec

H2S 2X3

We're startup people.

Moved fast, broke things.

Before founding Pact, we worked on some of the world’s most renowned digitally-native brands, like Glossier, Frank & Oak, Reformation, The Honest Company and more.

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there, too. We’ve built it, lived it, launched it. As a result, we’re perfectly positioned to imagine, design and build platforms that drive meaningful change.

Plus, we have the benefit of experience that you can lean on to avoid costly mistakes.

Made by few, loved by many.

Alex Leclair

Founding Partner, Technical Director

Allegra Poschmann

Founding Partner, Design Director

Kendra Davey

Head of Operations

Hannah Norish


Carmen Holmes


Philip Rurka


Benoit Lavoie-Lamer

Technical Lead

Mathieu Lavoie-Lamer


(Yes, they're related)

As a small team, we happily wear many hats.

I believe they call that "synergy"


Identity Design

Website Design

User Research

Strategic Audits

Art Direction


Brand Positioning

Content Architecture

Strategic Audits


Tone of Voice



Third Party Logistics


Custom Shopify Apps

Site Speed + Performance

Platform of choice

ShopifyExperts™ since 2017

(long before it was cool.)

by design.

PACT       (pakt)       noun
a mutual agreement between individuals or parties.

What sets us apart is that the work we do with is long-term and allows us to foster a connection with the people we work with.

We work closely with our clients’ internal teams and slot seamlessly into their day-to-day operations.

Because of this style of working, we keep our client list intentionally small so we can offer maximum impact.

Our projects often involve helping businesses go to market, but we also work as specialists on tactical engagements.

As a result, our monthly minimum is $10,000 and our starting point for projects is $30,000.

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The things we make
reveal something
about who we are.